My thoughts are infinite when it comes to football, morals, stereotypes and the world in general. I believe that life is a journey of growth, and reflecting is one of many ways I can learn and develop. Sometimes there are more questions than answers, and that’s okay too! There’s much I’ve yet to experience and learn but I can’t wait to dive into those questions and share some of my thoughts with all of you!

Episode 10

Your knowledge does not define your worth. What mindsets can help you learn effectively and quickly? What holds you back from admitting you have areas to grow? If you believe you’ve surpassed someone, you will not appreciate their perspective on the path you have traveled. “Humble yourself enough to sit at the bottom and claw your way back up. Again. And again. And again.” I believe the goal is to come into an environment with a confidence in yourself, knowing that you’re capable, that you deserve a spot there, that you are worthy as you are. But also being able to see that you don’t know everything. And by admitting to imperfection, we make room for authenticity.

Episode 9

Challenging yourself isn’t always easy. When you’re operating on the edges of your ability, mistakes are inevitable. Pushing past those barriers is what orchestrates greatness. When something isn’t working anymore, instead of being complacent in our beliefs, can we evolve past them? “Challenging yourself can also mean challenging your mindsets, challenging your fears. Challenge yourself to step outside of that comfort zone, the comfort zone that you’ve created not out of comfort but out of fear.” Instead of being held down, tethered by our fears, can we learn to become lighter, more free? It is here – between tethered and floating – that balance exists.

Episode 8

I’ve realized recently that a lot of my confidence comes from sport. When I’m able to learn, fail and play, I’m a lot more confident than when I’m not able to do those things. Confidence on the pitch translates elsewhere, into all other areas of my life. My team is incredibly important to me. I’ve always had strong feelings towards the success of my teammates each individually and as a group. My life has changed a lot over the past few years and I’m excited to see where my life takes me going forward. Good things are on the horizon.

Episode 7

Being able to solve problems is not only a skill but it pushes you to think and be more creative. I was never able to view my ability to communicate in French as a skill. Whenever I’d get stuck or have trouble with my vocabulary, I was defeated. I completely turned a blind eye on the fact that I was still able to communicate, despite not knowing the ‘best’ or ‘right’ term. Recently I learned that having the creativity and ability to work around problems is a huge skill to have. Creating a Plan B, C, D or even Z is sometimes the greatest accomplishment you can achieve. It shows perseverance, adaptability, and dedication to keep trying, especially when it’s difficult.

Episode 6

How can being courageous with your life affect your mindset and the mindset of those around you? Why is having a growth mindset important? And how does one person’s courage to try new things create an environment for those around them to do the same? Today I chat with one of my favourite people – my mom – about the growth mindset. I discuss my personal experiences and changes I’m seeing in all aspects of my life and how coaches can have everlasting effects on their players.

Episode 5

What is the best mindset to have during an injury? What do you do when things are uncertain? Through recent experience, I learned the importance of keeping a positive outlook during tough circumstances. What’s happened has happened, no amount of worrying or stressing will change that. You can come back from anything, human beings are adaptable creatures. Through hard work and perseverance, anything is possible. Visualization is a powerful skill that can be applied to a variety of situations. And finally, learn to elevate the mind when the body can’t.

“i closed my eyes to look inward and found a universe waiting to be explored.” – inward by yung pueblo

Episode 4

Everything in the final third is about risk and reward. Over the past few weeks I’ve come to a few revelations about how to attack and what I can change to become a more dangerous player. I share those thoughts with all of you during Episode 4 of Infinite Thoughts.

Episode 3

My thoughts after the SX Cup Tournament, and how turning the tournament around was the ‘Deep Win’.

Episode 2

Reflecting is a huge skill and once you’re aware of what needs changing, you’ve won half the battle. The only thing left to do is take action, and make changes. My thoughts on the SX Cup Tournament thus far, taking the time to reflect on my game as well as share some stories of when I played ALL the school sports.

Episode 1

My first podcast episode! I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, and I’m glad I finally got down to business and started! My thoughts on muscles and being a female athlete in this day and age. Why I work out, how consistency has affected my game and managing my time/energy towards football.