The park wasn’t the most ideal version of nature but it would have to do for the 30 minutes I had to spare before soccer practice. I already had on my gear, minus shin pads and cleats, as I strolled through the trees on a winding path. The street mere meters from the park was empty and the sounds of birds and critters made for a peaceful evening. The sun was just about done setting but not without a splay of bright oranges, pinks, and reds. I was mesmerized by the intensity of the sunset. The clouds acting as sponges or mirrors, soaking up and reflecting every stunning array of colour back to me.

What would it have been like millions of years ago when the world was still new and the most complex event to witness was a sunrise or sunset? What was it like to appreciate nature’s wonders in place of the seven wonders of the world? How many more sunsets would’ve been visible long ago, if it weren’t for the buildings and homes blocking my view? 

Before long, I’d made my way around the park and the sky grew dark, satisfied with the dramatic display moments ago. The quickness at which the sun rises and sets always astonishes me. We act like we have forever and ever to do all that needs to be done when the sun is counting down our time on this earth day by day. Up and over and down. Again and again and again. 

I stared up at the fading hues as darkness took over. What a quick day it had been. Even if the sun had gone to sleep I was still heading out to practice. What would it be like if I synced my routines with the sun? What kind of relationship could I foster with the time keeper Herself? Then, would I have enough time? Then would I feel like I really did have forever and ever? If I realized I was aging just as quickly, would that set a fire in my soul? Would I get a move on what was really itching for my attention? 

I felt the weight of the darkness above and started to walk home. I crossed from one sidewalk to the other as the streetlights beamed down on me. What a weak attempt at sunlight. We could never create wonders in this world, no matter what travel guide tells you we have.

If the sun never ceased to maintain urgency, why couldn’t I? Why couldn’t I move through the day with the same conviction. Why couldn’t I set my course and follow it?  What was stopping me from keeping my objectives clear in my mind?  What was clouding my soul’s desires and pulling my heart’s compass off track? My steps quickened as I thought about how fast day became night. Maybe witnessing a sunset is all you need to set fire to your life. 

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